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Greetings t'ya all, now reading my Mr Mouse Blog! I have lived a most unusual and unbelievably interesting life. I was born by a very religious Mother who taught me the lessons of following Jesus Teachings. I had to grow up amongst Gang culture. I did not join the violence, i enjoyed Sport of Cycling, Running and Physical exercise. Not exceptionally Olympic status but good enough to be Number One locally. I wanted to see the world so i volunteered for the toughest Regiment, Grenadier Guards independent Parachute company. I ensured that i was first at all games exercises, even first up each morning. These are the makings of Tough Guy® from personal endeavour to prove my tasks are achievable. I do love being one of the boys, i do love living hungry like a Church mouse.
Thus i am known as Mr Mouse! Enjoy.

July 15, 2019

Mr Mouse Birthday Wish July 15th 

DON’T DO THIS AT HOME! BBQ Burns Bring Bad Blood.

Mr Mouse set fire to his trousers.

Daily Nurse dressing is painful. Today looking black Mr Mouse thinks of thousands Walking Wounded Ex-War Limbless guys looking for jobs.

Mr Mouse invite a...

March 8, 2019

Mr Mouse Pilgrimage Members Club

Welcome from Mr Mouse and the Merceedees who make it all happen for you.

This fee covers your yearly membership plus post & packaging of your first FREE Gifts :-

  • FREE GIFT – Gillette Battery...

December 20, 2018

Calling to all Grenadier Guards who were with me in 1956-1959. Calling all who were stationed in Dusseldorf or Hubblerath, Germany after the War from 1948.

I recall that we were encouraged to go down in the City and to mix with and shag the German girls. If we were not...

October 19, 2018

Sadly, the story must be told – brief evidence is here to be followed by absolute Harvard redacted proof.

Will Dean CEO of Tough Mudder has for 7 years continued every dirty trick possible using Harvard Alumni and paid agents he has:

  1. They came firstly in disguise to...

October 5, 2018

2019 Tough Guy® New Directions.

January 27th event will be a testing ground for Real World Toughest Obstacle Runners Championships.

Over 60 NEW Obstacles Constructed, with more Technical Extremers planned.


This is the Nucleus of the Nuclei.


October 5, 2018

For All Journalists to Evaluate – Written by Billy Wilson alias Mr Mouse

-HOW TO SERIOUSLY INSULT MARK ZUCKERBERG -  Now the sotry can be told!

Tough Mudder (Will Dean) has written and published a book on How To Make $100 Million Out Of Mud. In it Dean devotes a chapter...

July 9, 2018

English Cross Enthusiast Support


See the design for 2018. 100 Year Warrior Horse Fundraising.

The vote is overwhelming to add the greatness of England’s flag of our football superiority.

Donations needed to obtain your T-Shirt.

Nettle Warrior Competitors - £5.0...

June 28, 2018

Please See These Particular Pages



Of Essential HG Wells Learning to EVERYONE

Confucius taught the idea of Peace and Love to ALL 2600 years ago,

Socrates and Plato made the Assertion 2350 years ago

Book III The World Renase...

June 8, 2018

Family Fun Frolic Fundraising 5K or further by your choice

Nettle Warrior – July 28th  Wonder Journey. This year wild British Jungles have grown massively. Worlds Most Mud Ditches and Superior Obstacles.

You each get a T-Shirt identity to run in plus a Sport Relief/To...

May 24, 2018

Billy Wilson British Champion Hairdresser 1964

London Silver Column Trophy

My name is on the trophy with 2 models redhead Irish man Packi McCreesh, black haired Iraqui, Sadoi Hussein.

1956-57-58 First Battalion Barber, Grenadier Guards

1959 – London School of Hairdressin...

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