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Greetings t'ya all, now reading my Mr Mouse Blog! I have lived a most unusual and unbelievably interesting life. I was born by a very religious Mother who taught me the lessons of following Jesus Teachings. I had to grow up amongst Gang culture. I did not join the violence, i enjoyed Sport of Cycling, Running and Physical exercise. Not exceptionally Olympic status but good enough to be Number One locally. I wanted to see the world so i volunteered for the toughest Regiment, Grenadier Guards independent Parachute company. I ensured that i was first at all games exercises, even first up each morning. These are the makings of Tough Guy® from personal endeavour to prove my tasks are achievable. I do love being one of the boys, i do love living hungry like a Church mouse.
Thus i am known as Mr Mouse! Enjoy.

May 24, 2018

Billy Wilson British Champion Hairdresser 1964

London Silver Column Trophy

My name is on the trophy with 2 models redhead Irish man Packi McCreesh, black haired Iraqui, Sadoi Hussein.

1956-57-58 First Battalion Barber, Grenadier Guards

1959 – London School of Hairdressin...

May 24, 2018

Mr Mouse Family of Friends Includes You.

40 years devoted to volunteer my organising abilities for 3 Charitable causes.

  1. Running for Everyone.

  2. Horses in Need.

  3. Helping Kids to a better life.

I want everyone to read these wonderful years on my Blog (www.toug...

May 24, 2018

Wolverhampton Marathon 1986 Short on Measured Distance

The fault of the marathon distance has been today requested an explanation by participant Kevin Roche.

Billy Wilson states yes I did resign my voluntary position as Race Director in 1988. The event stopped until 2002...

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