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After very hard considerations, we are extremely saddened to be forced to announce the postponement of Tough Guy® event on Sunday March 29th 2020, for the first time ever in over 30 years, to ensure the safety of all our competitors, volunteer staff and marshals


Following advice from our medic team, we have made this decision based on several factors. With only 18 days until event day and the fast spreading of the virus, we need to consider the implications to our marshals, competitors and our NHS. More than 30% of the entrants registered are Overseas from 17 worldwide countries, which increases the risk hugely. Our event is solely dependant on the voluntary marshal staff to ensure the safety and smooth running of the event, due to the Coronavirus, many marshals have chosen to step down from their voluntary commitment and we would expect many more to do so in the next 2 weeks as the risks increase throughout the UK. We cannot ask competitors nor marshals to voluntarily attend and put themselves at risk, nor would we expect any person to do so. 


With nearly 1500 entrants and an expected minimum of 2000 spectators on site in such close proximity, it is beyond measure to be able to expect everyone to wash their hands often and efficiently enough as well as the risk to competitors all using the same obstacles with no availability throughout the event for us to decontaminate. 


We are extremely sorry to have had to make this decision, but we do need to consider all attendees and their health and well-being. We have made the decision at this time to hopefully minimise as much loss as possible to the entrants, we do not want to be forced to announce the postponement of the event only a couple of days before, which will have a much larger effect on attendees and we hope that all those affected understand why we have made this decision.


We are offering all entrants the option to postpone to either :-


  • August 23rd 2020

  • February 21st 2021


If you cannot make any of the postponement options, we have waived the name change fee and will allow you to transfer your entry to another person. Please just send their name and email address to us to action this for you. 



Yours, Ever Smiling,

Tough Guy® Team. 



21ST 2020

(C) David Taylor

(C) David Taylor