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The writer has been asked as the creator of this phenomenal new Sport, “What do you see as the future?” The answer is one word: HOMOGENEOUSNESS

Oxford Dictionary - Thesaurus One Of A Kind, Comparable, corresponding, sharing, much of a muchness, integrate, fuse togetherness, amalgamate, combine.

A Story F’ya,

First London Marathon finished in lean to tents against the outside wall of Buckingham Palace, organisation was new to mass participation, mass legs of ordinary Joe Joggers had pushed beyond. We were fused together for warmth and exhilaration of completing, cups of hot tea, not enough to serve everyone immediately, were passed, take a sip and pass it on.

This was the similar muckin in Spirit which Mr Mouse had experienced in the trenches of warfare, where we were all homogeneous, looking out for each other, even small enemies we were one mighty force of goodness to each other.

That feeling is what Mr Mouse brought to Tough Guy® Mudathon© Obstacle Running and vowed that it would stay, within these new running crowds that were following off road, to the marvels of experiencing our war trench mud & bullets training, combined with the exhilaration of Runnings great feeling of togetherness – This is the spirit you should forever enjoy then be generous and pass it on.

100 years ago all of us had Great Grandad’s and Uncles who went to War, in the belief that they were fighting to give the next generation(s) homogeneous peace and contentment.

Two million men signed up from Britain, far less than half returned home from the horrors of Muddy Trench Warfare.

Participants of Tough Guy® Mudathon Your thrills to push yourself to the limit of your endurance to experience much of muchness in simulated Mud Battle conditions, will be dedicated to those spirits who today hear us.

Participants As Cheering Marshals/Observers Your thrills are to loudly encourage Tough Guy® participants to find in themselves inner strength both mental and physical to overcome any feelings of defeat by the ordeals. Rush to help any injuries, learn Resuscitation and Recovery position if the need should arise. (This will be sent to you)

100 years ago H.G Wells a Writer, a Historian, a magnificent Futurist foresaw and wrote down what he believed was what we should be doing and thinking today, click to read pages of his writings part of 760 pages and several voluminous books. THE OUTLINE OF HISTORY – The Shape Of Things To Come.

Mr Mouse has studied HG Wells and other Greats for over 60 years , now with induction to the Holy Ghost Squad. Mr Mouse has remarkable foresight. See Toughguyism what Mr Mouse wrote in 1998/1999, today being promoted by leading journalists plus major companies plus the Greedy Copycat Dirty Mudder Dean who claims to have eureka inspiration moments 20 years AFTER studying, reading and viewing Mr Mouse the Creator!


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