Tough Guy® 2017 Course Description

For Obstacles see (Obs)

There are 35 Groups of Multiple Obstacles Totalling over 300 Individual Task Tests the Objective is to Break your Courage

Winter Survival of Personal Life Changing Experience New Course

(START 15KM) You start at 11 o’clock. Descend from Braveheart Hillside start to Goat Corner

and woody paths for 1100 metres to Gallipoli & Chataway Steeplechase (12 obs), then

1916 metres pasture paths (4 obs) to (first mile) Big Bear Wood, then 2000 metres pasture

paths to Drinks Station. (START OF 10-12KM) at 11:15 minutes ish 12 obstacles (obs) thence

2016 metres through Rabbit Hill (6 obs)

Thence 2200 metres of (20 obs) Slalom Fell Running followed by 2500 metres of Big Bear

Wood, Bugs/snakes crawling (24 obs), then 1900 metres of the most muddiest water ditch

slalom, Ghurkha Grand National which is (30 x 3 obs) metre deep Mud Trenches to jump

in and clamber out thence to face the monsters of the Killing Fields.

KILLING FIELDS The Killing Fields starts at The Tiger (2x 30ft climbing obs). To the new

this year Battle of Gallipoli landings. In 1915, OVER 400,000 men died, the big guns that

slew the battleships had bullets weighing 50 kilos they carried them 200 metres (plank obs), yours

cannonball is a wooden Cannon Ball, pick it up in teams of 2 or more, and shoulder log it into

the mud scape 200 metres, dump it then face the Wire & Battle Tank Ditches (24 obs), to

Drinks Station to Behemoth (6 x 50 treetop obs), Flanders Fields/Somme Trenches

(4obs), Tyre Torture (5obs), 200 metres to Fiery Holes Firewalking, Fields of Flanders

Swamp (6 obs), Dead Leg Brook Thence (100M), Yerdun Messine Ridge Vietcong

Torture Tunnel (20 obs), jelly babies served by gloved cadets, (FINISH 10KM)

Paradise Climb (40 foot obs), Slosh Pool, Chicane Ducks, Underwater Ducks (8 obs),

Brandenburg Berlin Wall (40 foot climb obs), Titanic Jump (Not Jan Dragon Raft

Racing), here you jump (4 obs) on with a dozen others and paddle your raft sharing the load, if

you have your water cannon on your back it is admirable to fire (Raft 20 obs) on your opponent

Dragons, Dan’s Deceiver, Dragon Pool of swing and sway, Monkey Ropes (20 obs),

Drinks Station, Passchendaele Warface Colosseum swing and plank (20 obs) is approx.

3250 metres. For detailed info download “How Far Is It”

Crawl under Stalag Escape then 1000 metres through Tyre Leg Break (20 obs), The Sting,

New Replaced Dreaded Anaconda (5 obs), Rolling Hills (5 obs), The Viagra Electric

Slide (10 Electric obs) to Finish and Video Clock to 5 star Finish Area, the warmth of welcome,

your achievement keep safe, hot Tea/chocolate/biscuits, hand wash essential before eating, big

bath, warm showers to your personal towel and robes. (FINISH 12KM AND 15KM)

Note: ALL measurements are approximate, jelly babies served to your mouth are

reputed to contain equal energy to mouth gels. Our Viagra Falls water electrics will

produce one stiffy for your wife measuring 9 sparrows one on one leg.

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