Mr Mouse Disaster Tuesday 9th January

Disaster Monday 8th January I drink or eat something poisonous to my stomach with terrible indigestion pains. I wash through with a gallon of water then lie in bed to ease the pain of indigestion burping wind.

Tuesday 9th I arise at 6am for a very frosty dog walk. Then I drive to pick up a volunteer worker then go back to bed for my restrength sleep from 8am to 10am. Then I eat breakfast, bran, grated carrot, parsnip, avocado, mango and spinach. Take a slug of rhubarb juice and soda, it tastes extremely bitter.

Sit at the desk to write, stomach pains of indigestion, burping wind rises to abdomen/chest then to head becoming dizzy fast. I try to crawl to bed, I cannot rise from the chair then crash out completely. I become aware of my wife looking at me, I cannot communicate. I can hear, I raise my hand and point to the glass and I mumble blurt out ‘poison’. It must have been an hour or more unconscious.

My children lift and drag my lifeless body to bed. The Paramedics arrive at 13:20hrs (I begin to recognise). I have a full heart check, blood test, ECG. My blurred speech returns, Parkinson violent shakes, I thank them. My wife recalls I can see a pink horse on the ceiling, it turns blue.

An hour or so later my memory returns and I sleep for an hour or two.

I rise to sit at the table to record my thoughts. My wife observes I am talking to an empty chair opposite. I am hallucinating, I can see 2 men I am in conversation with. I see birds flying around, I need corn to feed them. This occurs again and again over the next hours, I ring and talk to estate agents and people involved with our land holdings, telling them of my massive stroke seizure, blackout, to instruct them what to do if I do not wake up in the morning from the next seizure.

Firstly I am saying this in case I don’t wake up tomorrow. The show must go on, Tough Guy® event for TV Sport Relief Feb 4th. I instruct my children duties if I don’t wake up after the next stroke/seizure.

My Mind Wanders BEWARE the world has moved on from a quick visit to obtain prescription pills and potents. HG Wells wrote Private Healthcare will cease in 1948 then return after year 2000. HG Wells wrote in 1930’s ‘Year 2017 world Government and Banks in CHAOS. Air Dictatorship will rule’. (Did he foresee Twitter, Facebook etc).

I did send all of this guidance to Mrs May PM in 2016, sadly the wood is too thick!?

Remember Herbal Holistic Healing has a prevention of most ailments. Cures are much more difficult even baldness in men.

Our forefathers in war trenches had only tea, companionship cigarettes and laughter to endure months of horrors, plus a few roots to dig out to chew.


Conclusive Investigation

By process of testing, process of elimination concludes that Lansoprazole prescription tablets are the poison!!

The big question? How do the experts who write possible side effects to one in 10/100/1000/10,000/ How do they know these written symptoms from the drugs they use???

My blackouts strokes and seizures have come from 5 years of massive prescription pills following 25 hospital visits, two brain scans, full x-rays, internal cameras, heart lung and stomach tests. Results???Hospital state it is a mystery.

It was the return Christmas week to the pills which has brought on this massive seizure January 9th. Lansoprazole read the leaflet, it says 1 in 10,000 can experience my symptoms ignored by Hospital, gastro, doctors they prescribed 2 taken daily increase double!

My 50 years of writings on Herbal, Holistic, MYOGA (Mouse Yoga) are in my book of happy living like Kirk Douglas at 101 years old.

Anyone can make a donation to our beloved Charity for kids and horses to receive the secrets of eternal youth, correct sleep, waking, stretching, bed and bathroom exercises like an awaking horse.

Just go to make a donation, tell your story of Mr Mouse teaching you how to laugh and smile.

Lansoprazole Side Effects I have an inherited difficult digestion system in my stomach and bowels. I have taken Lansoprazole for a number of years. In December 2011 I was taken by emergency services to hospital with a suspected stroke. I told the Doctor that I believed it was caused by a prescribed 100mg Viagra tablet. Thence in 2012 I began to experience fainting and blackout monthly always early morning. Whence I would return to bed, lie down and recover fully within an hour or two.

The digestion problems increased, my Doctor said to increase Lansoprazole to twice daily. This resulted in over 20 visits to the hospital for various tests as I believed it was Helicobactor Y Pyloris, as shared and researched by my personal secretary. Hospital doctors did not support our finding. My chiropodist suggested that my symptoms were Hiatus Hernia. I asked the hospital specialist who said, “that is what you are taking Lansoprazole for so increase the tablets”.

During 2015 my blackouts had increase to every 10 days or so. During 2016 the blackouts increased to twice/three time weekly. To allay the symptoms I would take 3/4 times daily lansoprazole, twice daily Erythromycin antibiotics, twice daily 2 paracetamol plus 1 ibuprofen plus the other tablets prescribed.

December/January 2017 I could hardly eat and drink with a mouth full of ulcers, thence because difficult to talk. I asked my dentist to look, he said you have a heavy fungus, have you been taking a lot of antibiotics. I told him of the prescriptions so he prescribed to me Nystan. I stopped all other tablets, I opened up my study of Holistic Herbal Healing Herbs to make a daily drink.

After a few weeks I was pleased that my digestion was very good and not reliant on any prescription tablets. Through the months my bowel problems also healed plus no more painful intestines. Then September/October I caught a heavy cold/flu which did severely put me out of action, so I resorted to 4 days Erythromycin, 2 taken 4 times daily. After a few days later the fungus returned so I went to the dentist for examination, he recommended another dose of Statin. I reported the next week to my Doctor.

Christmas 2017 I ate 2 or 3 large meals where I normally eat small amounts. This gave me indigestion stomach abdomen pains plus burping wind. So I did take Lansoprazole one tablet daily for 5-6 days through the New Year plus Gaviscon liquid.

My daily morning exercise is thumping my tummy, my lower back kidneys to clear out the burps/wind. Then a series of strength exercises, 10 each side for 15 minutes. Yes this does exhale many wind burps. THE ABOVE DESCRIPTION OF DISASTER MONDAY 8TH / TUESDAY 9TH January I do believe was caused by Lansoprazole. I researched everything which I had consumed, on Tuesday 9th night I have a little blackout with more hallucinations.

Wednesday 10th I go back to the Doctors, I ask for a stomach pump as I am still wobbling with violent Parkinson shakes, my head is thumping, forehead like small duckling quacking. The Doctor takes my Blood Pressure and reads my history, I ask him to send me to Nuffield Private Hospital. He tells me that I must see my own Doctor the next day for referral. I tell him of my suspicion of poisoning, could he have my glass of drink analysed? Not possible! Nor does he think that Lansoprazole is responsible. My time is up, I have to leave. Click to read the hospital letter plus written side effects.

We have important visitors at 1 o’clock so I have to find the Superior Trained Soldier inside of me to straighten my back, pull back my shoulders, hair slicked and appear like a taxidermies moustache!! I take a good long sniff of smelling salts! WOW! I manage the welcome for a few minutes then dive gratefully to bed, lying down is heaven and sleep covers all.

Two and a half hours later the visitors must go so I rise to look like that Superior Trained Grenadier Guards Barrack Room Sgt Major. My 60 years old training stands in good stead. A meal, a glass of red wine and back to bed. I wake to see David Bowie lookalike smiling in the doorway, he stops and looks in horror up the passageway. So I get out of bed to see what he had seen. I stagger around the corner, my legs give way and I fall. Lucky to grab a post to break the abrupt fall. Celia helps me crawl back to bed. I must say that I had watched at 9 o’clock Bowie Life Film on BBC4. I am also reading Bowie’s biography by Paul Morley. I am now convinced that Bowie is not dead, he has had similar to me, arranged all the simple scam of his departure and is now living out his life as his ordinary self by dropping Extra from Extra-Ordinary. !

I sleep for a few more hours, then crawl to my desk to write some of these notes. The next day the shakes were so bad Lucie cannot decipher the words and she is good at my script, so I have over Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th gone through it all scratch by scratch. Wednesday 10th I book to see my own Doctor at 4:50pm, I still have the big shakes, head and wobbly legs. I tell her the story and say that I feel that my body is closing down but God is helping to allow time for me to do all my jobs of instructions to my children and close associates. The doctor sympathises but has no answers!?!

Thursday 11th I get out of bed for a short while periodically then to sleep. I dare myself to take Paracetamol, small meal and a glass of red wine. My head is still woozy, wobbly legs still relapsing to faints. I book again for the Doctor to ask for a walking frame or wheelchair to avoid dangerous falls. Not available she says!! Thankfully my bowels begin to work and I can dump a clearance relief.

I am still having small blackouts (non painful) which then turn into hallucinations which feel that my eyes are open wide watching TV or DVD films of Will, my son, running with pack on his back. Groups of non recognisable men thickly dressed coming in and out of our barn, setting fire to hay pulling it out then fighting other groups in similar destructive actions. Thence large groups flaying up what looks like black slag hills falling fighting rolling and climbing. These scenes come and go through Friday interspaced with office writing then I eat too much (I only eat small meals). My stomach and abdomen pains I feel that a big seizure/stroke is coming, I flop for a couple of hours. I rise to piddle and wobble to the toilet, now the piddling is difficult.

My brain is now analysing and able to recall everyday, every drink, every meal since before Christmas. I read every word in the tablet box instructions with all other possibilities eliminated. I am convinced that Lansoprazole is the culprit. I ask the Doctor if there’s another tablet to do the same digestive treatment, she gives me a prescription for Ranitidine. I find it impossible to believe that this has very very similar warnings of 1 in 10,000 dangers of side effects, so this is all written for complaint to NHS website Yellow Alert.

Saturday I have a better day but still woozy, I get out of bed at 12 o’clock for visitors (trained soldier taxidermised statue). A glass of red wine, good food, good company, eases the flops, all in bed by 10 o’clock. More deep sleep and similar eyes wide open. DVD hallucinations, someone brings a couple of cats and dogs asking to open a Cat and Dog home, thence changes to a voluptuous woman attempting to accost me!

Wow, Wow! Sunday Night

Brilliant sweet dreams heaven sent with bright hallucinations which do on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th January bring us to a new dimension.

I am back on my feet with the woozy head and parky shakes gone.

My thoughts now

These prescription tablets and potions are dished out when by our ailment symptoms we are each placed in a box. We are computerised. The findings I have made above are totally ignored. See this letter from NHS hospital.

Now I Believe

Ailments like Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Senile Dementia and others could be the results of a lifetime of pills prescribed to elderly people and others.

My Mother Now in Heaven

She walked everywhere everyday, working hard all of her life in charitable service to help others in need.

In 1990 she enjoyed her own little home, she was taking tablets for her digestion for years. Then her Doctor gave her tables to help her sleep, then tablets to calm her down each day. My sisters and brother were at their limit to service Mothers needs in her own beloved home, so the Doctor decided to send our Mother to a Care Home. No I said, so I provided and converted an apartment here so that she was in view every minute.

I spoke to my doctor, he agreed, I then did 8 months cold turkey stripping all tablets off Mother, except her digestion tablet. I sat every night with her (plenty of writing). My wife and daughter did the days. Our doctor was very pleased.

Mother was calmed down but deep in Alzheimers. She returned to normality of going to bed a 9/10 o’clock to sleep well. She was calm through most of the day with periods of wanting to go to her younger life jobs at Church etc. We enjoyed these interludes, satisfying her demands. ‘Where’s my coat?’ she says. So we dress her, take her by car to her desire then she says ‘what am I here for? I want to go home, where’s that nice lady with a cup of tea?’. We enjoyed a wonderful 4 years. Click here to read Mothers final words and blessings.

Now I ask the question. Was Mothers Alzheimers brought to her by prescription pills?

By publishing this many people will look differently to the now fast failing NHS. Click to read hospital referral with written symptoms.

We are now guided by Googling our symptoms on the magic box.

We welcome all comments of your thoughts and experiences to build on our 40 year old Charity.

Mr Mouse Home For Unfortunates – we have great great experience to advise on all problems.

The fit and able members are all willing and happy to help those less fortunate and in need.

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Author : Billy Wilson.

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