Commonwealth Games 2022 Full Proposal

December 30th – January 2018

Commonwealth Games Birmingham (CGB) 2022 South Staffordshire Involvement

A discussion document depending on a decision by CGB 2022 Committee, Central Government and the Local Authority funding the money to this project.

Firstly Landowners and Farmers need consultation to their benefit to adjourn present agricultural farming to high quality grass similar to New Zealand producers of best meat.

Visions of Billy Wilson, Valley of Beautiful Dreams

£150 - £250 million quids provided by the Central Government plus Local Fundraising.

  1. Amazing news Thursday Jan 4th the end of CAP Common Agricultural Policy, see attached this gives rise to New industry for countryside land owners (LO). Glamping :- Posh Camping (see booklet). All acceptable in green belt. Farming specialised grass like New Zealand to produce the worlds best lamb, beef, venison etc. to serve Europe’s supermarkets thus inviting tourists here. March 25th 2018 FT Newspaper expands the needs to revert to grazing for the reclamation of ruined soil and possible spread of disease to humans!

  2. Investment for CGB 2022, this could be realised as Pop up Glamping/hotel/b&b/mobile food, for the athletes accommodation and perfect training facilities.

  3. 1000 Homes For Athletes? See attached the wooden lodges/cabins. We could accommodate all athletes with the fabulous training facilities of our combined land off road trail running. Just 10 minutes to Codsall Rail station, 20 minutes to Half Penny Airport, excellent road links to Birmingham.

  4. New Build Hotels for visitors. There is opportunity for the many existing restaurants to build hotels around their established businesses. Hotels are acceptable under green rules. i.e The Cowshed, at Clive, The Inn at Shipley, The Fox at Shipley plus others in the locality of the plans could turn their restaurants into hotels. Bed and Breakfast or Glamping Barn accommodation is a whole new industry.

  5. Hundreds of thousands of visitors will be here for a few weeks to enjoy Staffordshire countryside. If our predominant vision is to make these visitors extremely welcome with full facilities. They will talk at home and make it a permanent future holiday vista.

  6. Money will be available from the Central Government to transform farming to this leisure facility.

  7. After the CGB 2022 – The landowners/farmers could either go back to traditional farming or stay with the transformation to a desirable holiday resort, similar to Centre Parks whilst creating a world rivalry to New Zealand meat farming.

Outline Proposals For Valley of Kings

Local Authority will form a small committee for discussions on extra/alternative use of farmland in the proposed area known as the Valley of Kings stretching from The Clive to Jenny Walkers Lane.

Our greatest assets are :

  1. 60 million years ago the hillsides of Perton Ridge, Gt Moor Road, The Clive with Lower Penn to Wolverhampton formed a huge river, see attached. Spring Water is only 2/3 metres below.

  2. Historical Heritage 1000 years ago Kings of England lived and enjoyed the valley water ways and forestation which was developed by Westminster Abbey. See attached 1985 my invite to the Lord Mayor of Westminster, his visit and my welcome despite Labour Party opposition.

  3. The Hillsides, the Headlands of crop fields, the bottom of valleys where huge trout lakes as inland seas can be excavated for permanent visitor use attractions plus water sports for CGB2022. We together own a natural source of water, streams, fed by spring water flowing to the River Severn.

  4. Non Greed I quote John Inett : There is plenty of everything for everyone involved.

  5. I am very happy to put my talents in our future generations to work together for a common cause, happiness, honest, helpfulness.

  6. Amazing new offers are arriving daily for our initiative from all over the world.

Comic Relief/Sport Relief

This TV broadcast are coming to South Perton on February 4th 2018 to film Celebrities taking on the challenge of Tough Guy® Obstacle Running. The actually Sport Relief is filmed on BBC TV March 17th – 23rd. When they visit on January 10th 2018 I will propose to them that they film the countryside and villages to publicise my new proposals.

Sport Games Proposals CGB 2022 Tough Trail Running Off/On Road. This quiet corner of South Staffordshire is perfect for all athletes training.

Running Marathon, Half Marathon, 10 Miles, 10K plus Celebrity Kids on shorter distances.

Cycling creating traffic free training and transport track as proposed as Olympic Legacy 2012.

This will bring the cameras and interest alertness to our proposals to host the BEST POSSIBLE PART OF 2022 BIRMINGHAM COMMONWEALTH Games in the countryside.

I will word it (seeking the support of Gavin Williamson plus South Staffs Council) to be a superb attraction for our whole commonwealth to enjoy their own particular culture of Sport. Never before has Commonwealth Games brought in the indigenous cultural sport of India/Nepal, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc. i.e exciting horse riding stunt display, buffalo riding, Deer and yak driving, camel riding etc.

My Visions Are Several Arenas

Visitors : Hundreds of thousands will come, camp, glamping, hotel to spend 3-4 weeks here at our hospitality.

They will have a choice of several venues within walking distance in our combined valley. We can also provide horse drawn or mechanical transport (buggies etc).

Here is what I see as revenue income fundraising by land owners who joins this company of South Staffs Land Owners Linked Arms Co Ltd (SSLOLA Co Ltd)

100% of revenue will come to the SS LOLA & Co Ltd.

Hillside Seating

A partner company, Pull Up Mate –, could create a unique hillside seat at a reasonable cost which can be used in many similar sport/music attractions.

These can be retailed alongside merchandise by member landowners online or on the day sales. Most visitors will purchase these easy carry personal seating to wander and wonder in the valley local.


Each venue will have the feast of mobile catering. Caterers will be carefully controlled and pay a premium to SSLOLA Co Ltd of 25% of turnover. The executive committee of SSLOLA will decide how this is split to landowners of venues and fundraising to cover costs.

Other Sales

Many promotions of sales of merchandise will be attracted to various venues which suit their products. The exec committee will discuss all potentials with venue owners.

Local Authority 4 Years Planning

The local authority have a 4 year timetable to work with SSLOLA & Co Ltd on the future benefits of tourism to South Staffordshire. We will also measure and agree the costs of South Staffordshire staging a Major Sport Attraction to Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022.

With relevant costs to be contributed by Central Government £150-£250 million quids, LA, Businesses, Fundraising.

Proposed Sport Activity Sensations 2022

  1. Tough Trail Running Marathon, Half Marathon, 10 Mile, 10K, Horse Riding/Obstacle Jumping, Plus Kids will pass through most venues at appropriate times for visitor enjoyment.

  2. An Olympic Size Swimming Pool to be built and used after CGB2022 for all local children.

  3. Cycling Indoor Olympic Size Velo Track

  4. Unique Commonwealth National Animals These also will pass through most venues. Camel Riding, Buffalo riding, Yak and Deer driving, Highland Cow riding, Ostrich Riding, Long Horn Cattle Riding, Elephants and Kangaroos. Thrills and display of trick and dare riding. Various arenas chases will be allotted in unique settings.

  5. Valley Bottoms owners of Valley bottoms will be encouraged to excavate large lakes and water ways for the many entertaining water sports, sailing, yachting, surfing and scuba exploration trout fishing skills will be encouraged.

  6. Motor Bike Scramble Racing and Stunt Riding. Possible stock car racing.

  7. Shooting This is an Olympic sport which could be included in modern pentathlon. See attached my connection to Olympic Committee.

  8. Equestrian – Horse and Hound chasing, native animals, stunt riders will pass through most venues.

Each Landowner will be encouraged to view New Zealand where Country file Adam Henson showed NZ ability to farm high quality grass to feed sheep, cattle, deer to supply the world, we have live on the doorstep of Europe massive supermarkets world for supply.

RT Hon Gavin Williamson CBE is our MP and a man similar of positive vision for his constituency. I have worked closely with Gavin since 2010 Cameron’s Big Society and Gavin’s appointment of personal secretary.

Plans – Surveyor and Architects to be paid for by Central Government Grant

We will appoint and promote a prominent planning expert consultant to put all of these suggested venues to cover all necessities of a really successful 2022 Common wealth Games, Birmingham and South Staffordshire to show this would OUR inherited history

Forward Planning

  1. South Staffs Local Authority agreement

  2. Gavin Williamson agreement

  3. Land Owners agreement

  4. Budget proposals to gain minimum £150-250 million Grant.

  5. Approach Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022

  6. As assistance I have written to my contacts in the Olympic Games who have visited here, attached.

  7. Lucky Seven that it all becomes reality. I hope that SS Local Authority will appoint expertise on the interesting proposal.

Please Note this is a first draft to bring together the interest of all concerned.

Author : Billy Wilson December 25th 2017.

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