Billy Wilson British Champion Hairdresser 1964

Billy Wilson British Champion Hairdresser 1964

London Silver Column Trophy

My name is on the trophy with 2 models redhead Irish man Packi McCreesh, black haired Iraqui, Sadoi Hussein. 1956-57-58 First Battalion Barber, Grenadier Guards

1959 – London School of Hairdressing

1959 – Barbers Shop on the Corner of Inkerman St, Heath Town

1961 – Maison Haselock, Lichfield Street

1962 – Ongley’s opposite Criterions, converted to Sportsman thence sold.

1964 – First late licence Night Club, Thornley Street.

1967 – Hairdressers North St/Birchfield Street

1969 – Damaged by fire from student house next door.

1970 – Dudley St (Today McDonalds) Hairdressers, Cafe, Sauna, Sun Tan Lamps, First Ever Combination. Topless hairdressers was a publicity stunt. Thousands of business cards went all over the world, it says ‘you should be so lucky?’ Well who knows!’. The model was never seen by anyone except clothed, men came from all over the world ‘to be unlucky’. See pictures.

Following a dispute with Mander Centre over access to the entrance, a 6 month blockade prevented customers from entering. Prices Taylors the landlord employed Solicitors to prove that in 1840 a right of way was made for horses, cattle and wheelbarrows. The employment of horses and wheelbarrows was beyond reason so we had to move to Bilston Street.

1971 – Bilston Street was created Bowie styling, Marc Bolan curling, Robert Plant came. It was the home of great HAIRness with Billy Wilson fun cars, salesman’s graveyard (a cellar where we locked brush salesman for a few hours tutoring, (traffic wardens naughty cupboard of female knee tremblers).

1975 – Queen Street opposite Express and Star. New super pop group hairdressers ‘HEROES’ with Bowie blasting all day long opened by Shaun and Mitchel. Three weeks after opening with queues around the block, Shaun and Mitch on a Kawasaki 750 were hit by a crazy motorist coming out of a side street, smashed legs. Hospitalised for weeks ended the business.

1976 – Tettenhall Road Wilson, Wilson and Wilson. Jogging Club started at Sauna around the rear. Tracey’s 15th birthday received a pony named Daniel, she fell in love with ponies, soon to start Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary.

1978 – First Jolly Holly Jog, 3 miles around Tettenhall Green to raise funds and awareness for Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary.

1979 – May 1st First Half Marathon, Derek Dougan and Wolves Team ran with thousands of enthusiasts down to Wombourne and back. Red Rum Grand National Winning Horse came to start a children’s horse fancy dress parade. The carnival atmosphere we held carnivals and animal shows in West Park, Queen Square and the Mander Centre.

1981 – Mitch and Billy Wilson ran the first London Marathon dressed as a Pantomime Horse raising funds for Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary.

1982 – First Wolverhampton Marathon March 28th. London Marathon April 28th Pantomime Horse galloped around, stopped at the palace to bow, galloped around the statue to entertain the crowd still finished in 3hrs 28mins. Bringing to London the fun, the fancy dress, the music bands and the carnival atmosphere. Chris Brasher called Billy Wilson to be his number one OBOE friend to bring running to everyone’s town and city worldwide. Billy Wilson now devoted to the goodness which running can bring also a developed wonderful bond with horses, ponies, donkeys and animals.

So retirement from Hairdressing was inevitable. Very very sadly leaving behind a whole bevy of wonderful customers. You can read the biography of Billy Wilson 80 Years of a simply marvellous life entitled ‘Ever Smiling, Mr Mouse’ soon to be published.

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