Mr Mouse Family of Friends Includes You.

Mr Mouse Family of Friends Includes You.

40 years devoted to volunteer my organising abilities for 3 Charitable causes.

  1. Running for Everyone.

  2. Horses in Need.

  3. Helping Kids to a better life.

I want everyone to read these wonderful years on my Blog ( also on where you are welcome to comment.

I am very proud of my achievements which did come to me from a racing cycling life, a great Army career in Her Majesty’s Grenadier Guards then being attracted to running and organising to eventually meeting and enjoying your friendship.

2018 as I pass by 4 score years and one I have pledged to lead England to provide proper and correct care for every horse in need. I have the knowledge and leadership to invite all horse and animal charities to pool resources to do this. It is a fact that the generous British people donate every year enough £GBP millions to provide for every Horse in need.

The Trustees volunteered to govern this money are unaware of what is achievable with a joint Venture!

Horses and animals will in return provide a wonderful life for our children. See my proposal of Social Nucleation, Weigthshed© and Military Style Discipline Training, attached.

You have enjoyed my introduction to Tough Guy® Obstacle Running fun, now every child born should be introduced.

MP Gavin Williamson, Defence Minister, firmly agrees with my plans and proposals which he has been studying, introducing to David Cameron’s Cabinet who were so thrilled they completely PIRATED my copyright then gave it to Quango SERCO chaired by Lord Soames together with £400 million in 2010-13. They spent the money and failed to do the job for kids and children. You can read this true saga here.

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