Family Fun Frolic Fundraising 5K

Family Fun Frolic Fundraising 5K or further by your choice Nettle Warrior – July 28th Wonder Journey. This year wild British Jungles have grown massively. Worlds Most Mud Ditches and Superior Obstacles.

You each get a T-Shirt identity to run in plus a Sport Relief/Tough Guy® medal. CBBC ‘Tough Kids’ -

ITV ‘Against All Odds’ -

Tough Guy 2001 Korean TV -

Seventh Broken Leg -

In aid of NSPCHorses and Teenage Cancer Trust/John Bonham Memorial

Mr Mouse Magical Mystery Tour Sponsor Your Stingers?

Brand Fire New tour of wildlife journey of discovery. Taking in the 30 year old hillside of Bracken Badger Slopes, the revered Slalom thence Haybale Jumps into Big Bear Woods with Tiger Traps thence to Elephant Grass and Elephants Graveyard with Electric Eel Hanging Stripes back to Sling Wood Stingers, Scrabbles and World War One Terrible Ditches emerging into Muckle Field Crawling Beetle Fiddle Horrors. Now amongst the track and field Hay Growth Hidden Shakers you are by now shattered to face the Young Firefighter Ferociously Huge Fire Ordeal back to the Big Bear Woodland Jump and scrawl ready for Gurkha Grand National Over Ground Jungle, slash and scrawl via mud pits and the 21 Slithers and Sliding Jump along Middle Wood Net Scrambles. Here we reach sight of the Tiger which is refreshed with the Original Electric Dangling Tiger Stripe Jumpers. With great pride a taste of Gallipoli Beach Mud and Tank Trap Leap overs. New for this year Colosseum Hand and Leap Jangle Walk on Water Chipmunks. Thence into the world famous Killing Fields with 2 new Monkey Arm swinging obstacles.

Fun Frolic Fundraiser miss out the long country miles at the start. You go direct to Mud Mass Obstacles.

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