How To Insult Mark Zuckerberg

For All Journalists to Evaluate – Written by Billy Wilson alias Mr Mouse


Tough Mudder (Will Dean) has written and published a book on How To Make $100 Million Out Of Mud. In it Dean devotes a chapter on Disparaging, Demonising and Defamation of Mr Mouse/Billy Wilson, Tough Guy® Creator and Copyright owner of Obstacle Running. Read it on Kindle or get it from Amazon entitled ‘It Takes A Tribe’.

In the book Dean claims that his fraud compares with Zuckerberg!? Comparing his evil dirty tricks it is an insult to Mark Zuckerberg!!

Following a well written Times supplement by Harry Wallop, attached. I have waited to receive the actual book and studied it finding it is a book of lies. Harvard has in 2011 together with Ivy Gate proved Dean a total consistent liar. Dean admits to being a very competent liar in his book (Item 1).

Dean claims that a kind Judge told him to go and settle over a drink. The truth is that Judge Steven M Gold put Dean in the witness box, threatened Dean with Perjury to which Dean told lies, now he must answer. Judge Gold declared that the whole world can read this, see attached full story in Item 2.

Now The Truth Must Be Told – Yes Mudder Dean’s book is a catalogue of lies. His motives all purposely invented to stop Tough Guy® the original marketing the real thing, also attempting putting us out of business to stop us suing him for Perjury and Disparaging defamation with irrefutable evidence, kindly and readily supplied by Harvard University.

At the start, read his first gushing friendly emails in 2008. At Harvard School, Dean applied for grants to his September 4th 2008 (ISR) Independent Student Research project, viability of launching the UK Tough Guy® concept in the USA. 30 pages promoted by Professor Sunil Gupta for student Will Dean. This was followed by a collection of vile emails threats together with recruiting Evil Trolls to insult Tough Guy® Special Forces Teams Facebooks. Item 3

Will Dean Left Harvard In Disgrace Insulting The Board of Professors See attached statements by Harvard Review Board. There it states HE refused to read the conclusion. He would direct his doormen to refuse delivery, HE would not appeal and refuses to provide further information. HE left Harvard in disgrace, his book somewhat slanders Harvard saying all that they gave him was 5 years suspended Alumni. NO it states IF other violations of community valuations come to light the CRB could well justify a more stringent sanction! Item 4. (Now Harvard will read this true account). His Biggest Lies Of All He wrote that on his visit to here in 2008. He went to a local pub to hear vile stories about Billy Wilson/Mr Mouse. Then in his Harvard conduct enquiry he told the board of Professors that I, Billy Wilson, personally had told him that I was a criminal, thence denies all of this to Judge Gold. See this statement of vile deformation.

He also has written that he made a settlement with me Page 75 (attached).

Now read this account of his pleading and promises late evening June 30th 7 July 1st 2011. Crocodile tears to find my sympathy, attached listed in Item 5.

Then he has used Social Media to continually attack with 7 years evil vengeance whilst his false accusation to the Charity Commission/Help For Heroes halted our business progress for 3 years! From 2009 he I believe commenced hacking and planting viruses on our website.

This story listing massive evidence supplied by Harvard University showing Will Dean’s evil, vile dirty mouth tricks attempting to destroy my family and Tough Guy® business written to Harvard Review Board July 2010. With the conclusion by Harvard Review Board that Dean’s untruthfulness amounted to a pattern of conduct inconsistent with HBS community values of honesty and integrity, starting with his secretive registration of the Domain name in June 2008. Item 6.

My family Celia my wife, Will 34 years, Verity 33 years, had previously enjoyed a specially designed childhood upbringing of total complete happiness in humble rural farm living and helping those less Fortunates creating Tough Guy® as a fundraising event. We have massive written evidence by police and prominent citizens of our devotion to Charity, helping less fortunate children, 24 hour rescue service to police with stray animals, taking in hundreds of horses, donkeys, puppies, dogs, goats, wildlife etc. and other peoples children. This is all documented in print, photos and on

Click to see bundle of The Horse Sanctuary Charity news made available to Mudder Dean up to 2008/2010 showing our massive charity work. Item 7.

Thence in 2008 Mudder Dean arrived into our lives with his evil evil intent. He writes at length that my family live in a filthy dog dirt strewn home.

Dean’s association with trolls in 2010 attacking family and friends of Mr Mouse/Tough Guy®. A large number of Trolls were used, connections with Dean are evident.

Trolls : Jakeman the most evil alongside Dean March 4th 2010, the times and date of the emails could not have found the vile words from anywhere but Dean sending to Jakeman. Troll Jakeman states keeping the charity under £90K, this is only written in Dean’s email to Devon Reynolds January 2010. Dean obviously sent details to Troll Jakeman. The other Trolls had used the Email address of innocent participants extracted from Tough Guy® database, 3 ex employees had this access. 1) Chris Barber 2) Mlcoch 3) Paul Skone, each had left under a cloud of dishonesty or thieving. Attached evidence of their similar vile and nasty emails and Facebook to my son and his personal team of Special Forces. Item 8.

Dean claims that his Mudder Course was designed by British Special Forces? These are Tough Guy® Special Forces, the name created by Mr Mouse and BBC TV Resources in 1998. Before our creation of the words Special Forces, they were known as SAS – Special Air Service and SBS – Special Boat Service. Item 9.

The members of my family team who are adept at Email, Facebook, Instagram etc HAVE suffered unbelievable cruelty by Dean with his evil email threat lies and employment of trolls. I myself do not do Facebook etc excluding me from the evils! I only see that which they choose to show me.

British Charity Commission Investigation

Dean writes to Harvard Professor Sunil Gupta May 9th 2010 telling him that he has reported (me) writing the words this very nasty character to Britain’s institution of Charity Commission / HMRC who have launched a full criminal investigation, this was Followed by nearly 2 years intensive criminal investigations commencing Jan 2011 to January 2013. In August 2011 immediately after the court in New York, three Charity Commission Criminal Investigators arrived to take over our office. Item 10.

Help For Heroes Charity who were ‘influenced’ by Mudder Dean believe as by Harvard Alumni illictly from Mudder Dean with his web of constructed lies, employing or cajoling interns with geek ability to perform his dirty tricks, Help For Heroes employed Geldards of Cardiff most expensive solicitors who in Feb 2011 spent several months and tens of thousands of pounds of H4H charity donations accusing me demanding destruction of marketing materials Fund For Heroes Charity appeal, eventually I proved that they had indeed copied my earlier words of 1998. My solicitor was disgusted that hard earned charity donations were being frittered on nonsense. Item 11. Why would Dean go to such extreme lengths?

Get Out Of Jail Ticket May 2016 Offer to Mudder Dean You will be astounded to read my forgiveness offer to Will Dean with a get out of jail ticket. Sent May 2016, 16 months ago with no reply!! Read my offer of Forgiveness sent to Mudder Dean also sent 30th August 2011 following the court case, totally ignored in his book, even though his Attorney Matt Siben wrote and pledged they want to work together for the good of the new sport which I had created and copyrighted in 1993. Item 12.

Detailed Evidence Documented By Brooklyn Court June 30th/July 1st 2011 Here is absolute evidence of his Perjury at Brooklyn Court, New York, July 1st 2011, also Disparagement of the court order, Demonising, and Defamation of my reputation and character. Item 13.

Mudder Dean book claims that he is stressed? Yet this all shows that Mudder Dean is stressed by his determined LIES to everyone around him including his parents and his partners. It is a fact that a liar does not remember his previous lies simply because they are not the truth!

WHAT ever did induce Mudder Dean to write this book? Braggard? Psychopathic tendencies? A midnight thought that he was a God of something? His personal disgust that he is only mixing in everyday people and his partner is inferior? He dedicates it to Mom and Dad who naturally believe his lies?

Or was it that he is still hacking my emails? Sent to Sam Wishner, USA who is writing a Biography of Mr Mouse, similar to that which Dean has written, during 8 months of 2016 emails. Where most of Dean’s phrases are copied from? Thence we announced Tough Guy® Jan 2017 as the final event. Did all of this prompt him to write his book of lies saying ‘this 80 year old’? CERTAINLY IT WAS ONLY IN MAY 2017 THAT ANNOUNCEMENT WAS MADE OF MY 80TH BIRTHDAY JULY 2017. I WAS ONLY 70 WHEN DEAN VISITED HERE IN 2008? Or is it that he believes that Brooklyn New York Court July 1st 2011 has now passed its 6 year deadlines to expose his evil of Perjury? Still a year to go!? USA Attorney John Fuisz makes a clear statement in his email 14th September 2012 that we can sue for Dean & Co breaking the settlement agreement. Item 14.

The whole story redacted from Harvard by very concerned professors is several ring binders full of A4 sheets plus many thousands of unnecessary hours. This tells a different story of Dean begging cash from Harvard departments to fund him setting up Tough Guy® USA together with its benefitting charity HUGKOTS – Help Us Get Kids Off The Streets.

Thence to enable Dean to greedily change the name to Tough Mudder, he told Harvard Professors his pack of lies.

This followed Dean being shown in 2008 an email from Arnold Schwarzenegger agent to us saying “when you get to the USA, look me up”. Plus a great list of USA entrepreneurs and TV stations, all eager to welcome Tough Guy®, especially ESPN, Al Roker, Bam Megaera, Good Morning America, Road Rules V Real World, Nationwide USA TV!

So Dean’s evil greedy mind plotted to destroy the original creation of Tough Guy® Mudathon© Obstacle Running. All for his own greed. Yes he has succeeded using my origination, creativeness plus my year on year innovations, until today! Item 15.

Click to see proof of lies in Muddy Dean’s Book, entitled ‘It Takes A Tribe’ building the Tough Mudder Movement.

Now the millions in most world nations who honour Mr Mouse as the original creator, need to be told the truth.


Significantly – My Pro Bono Attorney The factual story of my USA Pro Bono Attorney Mark Shields probably doing his own private deal with the defendant Attorney Matt Siben because he had made a serious error. (Item 16)

My First Objection to Judge Gold following the Brooklyn Court Hearing July 1st 2011.

When I received by post mid July 2011 the agreement I had been induced to sign with the written assurance that i could rely on the attorney.

Pleading To Judge Gold, Brooklyn Court, New York, USA

Then on 3rd August 2011 then again 27th September 2011 finally October 28th 2013 I wrote personally to Judge Gold saying that I was very unhappy with the writing of the settlement, asking Judge Gold to direct me to exposing Dean’s Perjury to the notice of Police.

That It was written THAT THE RESPONSIBILITY WAS WITH MY ATTORNEY who had now said he had closed the case, that he was not acting for me further!

See writings to and from Judge Gold. Item 17.

I went to another Attorney in New York, Robert Moldenado recommended by John Fuisz, i paid $7,000 for his opinion, which said that the court was wrong, that yes I could make an individual appeal. That he could take the case and overturn it then take Dean back to Court, I was to send him $750,000 dollars. Thus I was faced with taking a mortgage for £millions, spending thousands of hours writing and attending lawyers totally destroying our life. So I decided to wait patiently like Horse taught me.

That patience has brought this to be exposed today with Will Dean the book of lies.

Now absolute proof of Dean & Co breaking the Court Order. Mudder Dean has copied exactly Tough Guy® Torchure Chamber created in 2010.

Click to see 1) Tough Guy Torchure Chamber 2) Tough Mudder’s Pandora’s Box – November 11th 2017

The full story will be posted in episodes of fascinating revelations. Best of all Mr Mouse/Billy Wilson has endured symptoms of Alzheimer’s now in late 2018 has discovered a cure with organic root vegetables daily breakfast.

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