Social Nucleation

2019 Tough Guy® New Directions.

January 27th event will be a testing ground for Real World Toughest Obstacle Runners Championships.

Over 60 NEW Obstacles Constructed, with more Technical Extremers planned.


This is the Nucleus of the Nuclei.


This means that all obstacle events (OCR) are the nuclei that they can renucleate society disciplines for moral, mental and physical training.

Mr Mouse Plans for Retirement Handing Over To Charities

The week of November 8th to 11th 2016 was total tragedy with Moorland Mousie my telepathic Exmoor Pony dying. Mousie’s great presence launched the career of Mr Mouse. Click here to read story. Mister Mouse will live here in wisdom sitting with Mouse spirit to help everyone for the next 50 years Dead or Alive.

Vote with your donation to these great adventures for unfortunates. (You will love your recognition as one of Mr Mouse close friends receive invites to Training Weekends). Donate to and commence your page, get a magazine by post from Mr Mouse.

The Future?

Mr Mouse Farm for Unfortunates Dedicated to become:

  1. Severely Disabled Smiling Club ME, MS, Tetraplegic, Paraplegic, Limbless. These all need respite – swimming and activities to bring their thoughts that their ambitions are equal to able bodied. A great challenge to Mr Mouse and all supporters to achieve equality. We have 50% built these facilities in our Spa, Swim, Sauna, Steam, Homeopathic Pool Area. I envisage the staff to be PTSD from Military plus Manic Depressives to benefit from helping those less fortunate, Mr Mouse’s philosophy for the past 40 years.

  2. The Horse Sanctuary 40 Years Charity – The donkeys, animals and wildlife will become disabled’s therapeutic helpful happiness smiling inducement.

  3. South Perton Adventure Parc for boys and girls – See Year 2000 Leaflet of Hope

  4. Rugged Club – Military style Academy for wayward kids HUGKIDsos – Help Us Get Kids Safely Off Streets to Sports. Click to view.

  5. Tough Guy Conscription Academy – Training course of Grenadier/Gurkha/Commando to make everyone fit to help make this world a better place to live.

  6. Warning To the Hooded Highway Robbers – Tough Guy / Grenadier / Gurkha / Commado’s will be alert on every town and city streets. (Tough Guy Community No Nonsense Help)

  7. William the Conqueror declared in 1086 The Magna Carta/Doomsday Book – Every man, woman and child will have the rights to walk the streets of Britain with their possessions safe from Brigands, Highway Robbers, Thieves and Vagabonds. Click here to read H.G Wells.

  8. Mr Mouse Legacy

Sponsored Tough Guy Toughest ORunner Charity events to be held with your chosen charity partner.

  1. Mr Mouse Says:-

If I do not wake up one morning, then all of this is written. There are trusted young team with loyal Gentlemen and Ladies here to take my place. will, I believe overcome the bug.

  1. There are Ten Tough Guy® Commandments MOTTO Fighting The 10 Deadly Sins, these are:- Anger, Bitterness, Cheating, Dishonour, Envy, Facebook Fury, Greed, Hate, Idleness and Jealousy, THIS is the rent we pay to God for our pleasures, by sharing we all will gain more.

Mr Mouse The Originator Of All Things Good For This World Of ORunning Enjoyment.

Ever Smiling, Ever Praying That Sport Can Bring Peace To This World, Mr Mouse

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