The Story Must Be Told

Sadly, the story must be told – brief evidence is here to be followed by absolute Harvard redacted proof.

Will Dean CEO of Tough Mudder has for 7 years continued every dirty trick possible using Harvard Alumni and paid agents he has:

  1. They came firstly in disguise to steal all info. Then convinced Harvard that they were promoting Tough Guy®, stealing business plan costings from Devon Reynolds. Tough Guy USA PLC, see initial letters of contact then told evil Dirty Trick Lies to Harvard Professors. See their evil plot transpiring as they start creating Evil Dirt Trick scenario accusing me of their constructed evil false. Read the court settlement. The pledge they made to the judge then instantly broke it by sending in the British Charity Commission Criminal Investigations. I do believe that they recruited a High Official Army controller via Harvard Alumni? When you analyse this it is a huge story. How to seriously insult Mark Zuckerberg by comparing Zuckerberg with their measure of Evil Dirty Tricks.

  2. Then as threatened by letter March 2010 Feb 2011 Dean occasioned a huge Military Charity “Help For Heroes” who employed Geldards, Britain’s most expensive Solicitors, who accused us of copying their aims and objectives, serving a writ that we should destroy all literature and website material. 8 months later with employ of expensive solicitors I proved that “Help For Heroes” Charity had copied us that I had the previous year offered “Help For Heroes” the opportunity to join Tough Guy®. There was no compensation.

  3. As threatened by letter March 2010 August 2011 Dean occasioned the British Government Charity Commission and Inland Revenue to send 3 Criminal Investigation Officers here to occupy our offices and examine all accounts, files and records. They also involved other Trustees of the Horse Sanctuary Charity established 1978. 2 years later the Charity Commission declared no wrong-doing. There was no compensation.

  4. PayPal whom we were using in 2010 stopped the account and refused to pay the money they were holding. They would not divulge who, why, where???

  5. Viruses were put on our website continually during 2010/2011.

  6. Our Website was completely destroyed in 2010, William and an Assistant had to completely rebuild. Losing 6 months of business.

  7. Dean employed Vile Trolls who attacked William’s Facebook with evil words. Also all Special Forces friends and associates of Facebook with vile accusations. Evidence :- words used by the Troll were similar to Deans words just 2/3 hours previously.

  8. A Host of TROLL emails with vile evil accusations send to all our addresses, see list.

All of this Disparagement of Brooklyn Court Order, New York Judge S Gold made July 1st 2011. To prevent the Will Dean Threats made by email March 2010 in breach of the Settlement Agreement.

Plus, that Dean was placed in the Witness Box and warned by the judge that he was liable to Perjury. To which he told lies proven by statements redacted from Harvard. I believe that Perjury in court in a witness box is an all time crime??

Offer of Forgiveness See attached offer which I sent to Dean in May 2016 to forgive and allow him to make compensation, he did not reply!?!?

So we grit our teeth to some and endure the continuation of Dean’s Determination to put Tough Guy® out of business to stop us taking him to Court.

USA Pro Bono Attorneys are at present examining the case against Dean of breaking the settlement agreement.

Please Note : Harvard University Board of Governors have opened the files in disgust. This evidence will be shown over the next few weeks.

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