Calling to all Grenadier Guards who were with me in 1956-1959. Calling all who were stationed in Dusseldorf or Hubblerath, Germany after the War from 1948.

I recall that we were encouraged to go down in the City and to mix with and shag the German girls. If we were not fortunate to find a relationship then we went to 5 Mark Alley for a knee trembler! The exchange rate was 12 Deutsch Marks to one pound English so for less than 50p you could shiver and dribble!

Some guys formed relationships and I remember 2 who reported to the CO that they had made a German girl pregnant, could they marry?

They were immediately sent back to England?

Was this a strategic plot to produce a future breed of mixed children to avoid the thoughts of a third war?

In November 2017 I was invited to Dusseldorf Gort Barracks, Hubbelrath, to talk to local newspapers who have very little records of Guards occupations. I have told them many stories of life at Gort Barracks which I will tell or have written.

I have made friends with a huge group of German Tough Guy® Runners. I have met with one German gentleman Peter Becker, who is attempting to track HIS FATHER a British Soldier at Hubbelrath. My thoughts that we were allowed to go into Dusseldorf to meet and be intimate with girls, but not allowed to marry!? If a relationship developed, we were sent back to Britain.

This superb gentleman knows that his father was named Geoffrey or Jeffrey Jones in 1948/49 whence he was born. His sole wish in life is to either meet his father, now 90ish years old OR to visit his grave if he is dead.

I personally believe his father is still alive, WHERE ARE YOU JEFFREY JONES???

I have interviewed Peter Becker carefully and I stake my whole reputation to finding his father? Can we all please examine records of all soldiers at Gort Barracks 1947/48/49, perhaps he was an NCO with me in 1955-57? Name Geoffrey or Jeffrey Jones.

Please see my and You will see that as a Grenadier Guard Trained Soldier I have made a difference to this world.

I also will spend the next 60 years to change this world to make it much better for our future generations.

Yours, Ever Smiling

Billy Wilson.

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