How to live your next 70 years healthy, happier, looking younger?

The greatest ability you can have ‘is the ability to rest!’

Reasons For This Club

Born before 1950 with a make do and mend childhood you will still today appreciat the life of make do and mend, ration books, being taught to help without thought of financial payment but being welcomed to share with this new family club.

This was the wish of our Gracious Queen Elizabeth last Christmas2018 :- ‘Forgiveness, Faithfulness, Family Friendliness’. Now 2019 added ‘Small steps is the positive way to achieve all things’.

You will see that I have made Horse a national symbol of all of these talented possessions to enable children of today to learn from Horse association. That you will be welcomed to join me in the club to help educate the children attendance. Now we add trees as our most ancient life form?

I am recruiting Boris Johnson PM to make this Horse symbol of peace and forgiveness a national treasure. Dictionary Horse Sense means Common Sense.

I have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into writing this creation as you will read. I also have developed a formula for you to share living your life for the next 70 years as comfortably healthy as you should be enjoying in your later years.

It consists of simply daily exercise in your own company on waking each day without the use of machines, weights, nor ropes. Also a tasty full of energy diet.

Get this ‘secret’ formula on joining!

I want to put some fun and friendly spirit in the main, most of you will have served in the military, if you did not then tell us your story of happy memories or sadness.

Prize Awards

We need your :-

Your National Service Story? 4 shillings A Day?

Or signed on regular, 10 shillings a day?

Guards Brigade? Women’s Corps? Catering Corps? Gunners Corps? Trench Corps?

Mechanic Corps? What other?

The forgotten Army Frontline. Korea? Aden? Cyprus? Ireland? Falklands?

Every story will win a unique prize. You can join my over seventies daily fitness exercises in your own home.

Your only materialistic fitness aid will be a magic massage soft bristle brush with long handle to reach every inch of flesh which will need daily massage to enable your skin revitalisation to live until you are 140 years old or more plus a face flesh mouse massager.

I am certain that in ten/twenty years after starting with this over 70s club you will desire to live happily ever after forever and ever?

This started for me in 1970 with my discovery to prevent baldness. The Times Newspaper wanted to share my secret, I decided to wait until I had some proof! Now I am enjoying a new lease of life in my 83 year. See this page on my Blog!


How to live to 140 years old in similar appearance, health and happiness. I wrote this 20 years ago and commenced the elusive search for the fountain of life.

I wrote :- “As I reach the standard retiring age I am looking forward to living another active 60 years in Perton. I want to see Perton as a place where you and I and our families can walk in peace wherever we wish, without fear. To achieve this we must look to our young people and how we can teach them to love and cherish their roots. Billy Wilson – Springtime Millennium Year 2000”. Today in 2020 the vision sees 140 years easily reached!

Yes think only of all the enjoyment of my life then teach this philosophy to the children, not only children from THE HAVE SOCIETY but bring together equally the children of THE HAVE NOTS. A very large poster outside our office has a picture from a children’s bible of Jesus with children flocking around him. “Suffer little children come to me”.

Chris Brasher 30 Years Ago On a coast to coast walk across Scotland, I said to Chris “We are going to live until we are 140 years old”. ‘Not me’ replied Chris, ‘I have smoked too many cigarettes and drank too much whisky’. Chris was an Olympic Gold Hurdler, an athlete. I was Joe Jogger, Chris brought into our OBOE group Roger Bannister, Chris Chataway, the first 4 min mile team.

George Lowe, George Band and the team who first climbed Everest.

Hip Joint Replacement

Chris has had 2 hips, Roger had 3, Chris Chataway had 1 hip, George Lowe and George Band 1 each. These all OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE, ETON had the best athletic training, I was self taught, WAS THERE A SECRET TO LIFE HERE?

So I stopped long intensive running to find another replacement exercise. 1991 Dangerous Dog Year declared by Blair! I challenged myself, could I train a Pack of Dogs to live as peaceful as a Herd of horses? It was 1992 dangerous dog year when national publicity put fear into everyone about ferocious dogs.

There were no dog rescue homes around. The situation became so bad, desperate people were arriving at our gate with armfuls of big dog puppies.

We called the police who said “You have premises we cannot take anymore”. Thus Perton Puppy Pound saw its Rise and Fall, read this horror story written in April 1996.

I achieved my ambition taking in over 60 dogs of all shapes and sizes and schooling them all to live peacefully, here written in Daily Telegraph story.

Thence we moved into helping some real unwanteds :- Greyhound and Whippets, these are special needs dogs. We had a number of teenage boys and girls who loved being with dogs and puppies, they were special needs with not able to read and write, normally today they would wear the label Aspergers/Dyslexic.

In those days they stood on street corners waving and guiding traffic as a pastime for something to do. We recruited them, provided them with a bus pass, a label to show they were coming to us, a good meal plus chocolate biscuits and sweets. They soon learned the simple language of training animals, horses, dogs and puppies.

One day I was walking 30 dogs in a controlled pack. Young Lee was walking 6 greyhounds a few hundred yards from me in the opposite direction. Lee had them all on leads, probably too many beyond his control. Suddenly one greyhound appeared in front of me and my large pack. It had slipped from Lee’s grasp!!

I had to take instant action to prevent my pack of dogs from taking aggression. I ordered ‘SIT’ everyone obeyed. I reached for the Greyhounds collar to bring it to join our pack. I had very recently picked up a rabbit horribly full of myxomatosis to put it out of its misery, the scent must have been on my finger. The greyhound with the speed of lightning turned its crocodile jaws and snapped the end off 2 right hand fingers. With these held by hanging flesh I steeled myself fearing that me and the greyhound could be ripped to the pieces.

Note Dogs in packs mostly return to their wolf nature and become uncontrollably ferocious. I grabbed the greyhound with my left hand, handing to Lee who had now arrived. I stuffed my shattered hand in my shirt and headed back to the kennels. My wife took me to hospital, they bandaged the bits together saying no stitch, let it bleed, it is a dog bite!

Pain is a part of life, especially mine. So I arrived back home to complete my daily jobs. Then I went for a 5 mile run with my heavily bandaged hand.

3 days later my left knee ballooned, my right arm and right foot ballooned. It proved that I had caught in my blood terrible diseases from the dogs mouth. I was paralysed!!

This was early July, I had enormous amounts of jobs with William my son only 14 years old and Verity a year younger, with Tough Guy® and 2500 visitors at the end of July it was quite an ordeal but we survived with our very good friends and Special Forces.

My legs remained swollen and non walkable. So each day my wife Celia and the Nips had to drive me one mile to the bottom field, there dump me with the dogs and leave me to make my way back crawling and Stick Staggering. An hour or 3 later I would get there saying ‘I will beat this’.

August rolled into September with my daily ordeal slight improvement. Chris Brasher had his 70th birthday to celebrate in our favourite Scottish Highland retreat. I wrote of my accident and ordeals, Chris wrote back ‘You have got to come, we will not celebrate without you’.

I reasoned that alternative medicine was my only solution :- Herbs and Plants from land and sea :-

  1. I could bathe in fresh Scottish Highland Spring Water.

  2. Green lipped Oyster Mussels from New Zealand were a reported cure. So hopefully Scottish Highland Oyster Mussels would do the trick plus a strong selection of known seaweeds.

  3. Trees : I was studying trees used for ancient medicines.

  4. Herbs and Root Vegetables which were organically grown, carrots, oats, bran, radish, spinach, avocado, Asian mango, Korean Ginseng, Chinese ___, Japanese ____, all this to be eaten raw free from field sprays and pollutants.

Tom McLean the Special Forces guy who was first to row the Atlantic with John Ridgewood met us at Mallaig Fort William Rhum / Knoydart to row us to Doune our wild destination. Tom got within 200 yards of the wild rocky shoreline, then said I need to put you into a rubber dinghy to get through the waves. I chucked my bag into the dinghy, dived in and swam quicker ashore.

Within 2 years I was back with 2 legs. I often wonder whether my present 5 year ordeal of blackouts, tremors, hallucinations etc are remnants of this?

Certainly this story of Olympic power and a splash makes me bang a good drum for people to read this story and beware!!

Now you are joined I will teach you the daily waking exercises for every sinew, every blood vessel, every breathing measure head to toe which I have been taught by Horse, the most peaceful animal on earth! Also study of trees long forgotten as ancient Gods as the first line of growth on earth millions of years ago as the waters gradually subsided exposing earth and life subsistence to where we are today. Plant life below the Ocean breathed the atmosphere firstly evolving in Carbon Dioxide then emit this as gases which would pollute animal/human life.

Please see attached what I have proposed for this massive desire of 50 million trees to do their natural purpose of cleansing the pollution in our atmosphere, which the younger generation are massing to make it happen. Trees also possess genetic abilities which we have been indoctrinated to believe by religious persuasion, is God almighty influencing our thought process!

To obtain your full membership plus personal daily exercise routines, you will be invited to come and join my SEEDS AND SAPLINGS daily meetings here. We have millions of trees to propagate. We have a huge green house assembly barn structure. We have on our land mature trees of all descriptions, during the autumn/winter we go with sharp blades to slice saplings which are brought into the green house to pot into a fertility pot which is filled with our organic compost gathered from our grazing land and watered with our natural spring water.

Once propagation is underway we plant the saplings in designated growth areas to extend Perton Forest of Dennis.

Note for you to read the eternal words of Felix Dennis who became blessed with the Holy Spirit of Trees.

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