The Horrendous Story - Harvard School for Black Business Evil

Ted Bundy? So much in character like Will Dean? John Henry Brown was Bundy’s lawyer on TV he says Bundy is not just hell bent, he was born evil. I hvae come to the conclusion about Dean. JohnBrowns girlfriend was targeted, mutilated and killed, Bundy knew all the details. 2008/09 Harvard University Students selected Tough Guy® as a model to expand across USA by social media marketing. The students who came to study agreed a partnership to spread Tough Guy® and Help For Kids Off The Street. Then when they saw the potential for Greed, they told Harvard Professors Board that I Billy Wilson was a convicted criminal involved with the Mafia that I had a conviction for hitting a disabled girl. This was the excuse to create Tough Mudder and to break agreements with Tough Guy®. All evidence redacted by Harvard Review Board.

July 1st 2011 New York Court. Judge S M Gold said ‘Mr Wilson, I will put Dean in the witness box, threaten him with perjury then I will ask him the questions’. I said ‘that will do me your Honour’. Mudder Dean told 3 lies. He is guilty of perjury plus £10 million losses.

Evil Deeds By Clever Ex-Graduates - Following Evil Threats From Dean

Dean & Livingstone then signed in court that their evil evidence was fictional, that their threats to

castigate me to the Charity Commission were also false. Then to evade Perjury, Dean then used

Harvard Alumni influence to tell lies to Help For Heroes Charity, Charity Commission, Inland Revenue.

Resulting in 2 years internal in depth criminal enquiries, by Charity Commission, which

ended in 2013 that Billy Wilson was completely innocent. Meanwhile with sophisticated educated

ability, our website was attacked by Virus’s, and then destroyed completely, our database was infiltrated with evil intent. Resulting in a complete breakdown of our very successful business with

losses of many £millions. Quite an ordeal of immense proportions.

2017 – Dean wrote a book of lies that the Judge had told him and Livingstone to have a coffee with Billy Wilson and agree a settlement. The book was titled ‘How to make $100 million out of mud’. Dean then paid the Journalist Harry Wallop to review his book in The Times. Thus publishing this total book of lie comparing himself with Mark Zuckerberg. The British public were totally deceived that Zuckerberg was like Dean’s evil dirty tricks. A New York Attorney and a Birmingham Solicitor agree to sue Dean No Win No Fee. Dean has since robbed his partner and hidden the cash now Livingstone is suing Dean. Billy Wilson/Mr Mouse is writing and filming the true story.

Here today as we approach ten years, we are recovering from this horrendous ordeal. Belief in God

to put all things in order we have suffered in silence., read attached

evidence which compares Shark Pirate Dean as a similar like for like character to notorious Ted


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