Daily Exercises - Over 70's

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The greatest gifts from God are sleeping and smiling.

The brain is at is best after 4 hours sleep, use it for meditation, if you wake simply lie quietly for at least 1 hour, relax every muscle, with practice your mind will become inspirational. This I firmly believe is connected to the spirits of your own faithful departed. Jot down your inspirational thoughts, thence sleep again until morning, with much more restful into REM sleep and dreams.

It is an old wives tale that 8 hours continuous is essential – history says: 12th Century Rabbi Masmonides told all of his followers to sleep for one third of the day. Sir Thomas More’s Utopia told happy citizens to sleep for 8 hours. Different lifestyles demand different sleep patterns. It is scientifically accepted that the period between 1am-4am, 1pm-4pm are the drowsiest part of each 24 hour day. This in the writers 45 years experience are the periods when the mind is relaxing and more able to enter the supernatural state of opening hidden sections of the brain to the uniqueness of receiving inspiration from that mystical world where we believe the souls of our past over greats are for ever dwelling. We as Christians call it heaven, Muslims, Hindu, Sikh, Bramen and others in hot countries pray and meditate to their own celestial beliefs. 25 hundred years ago Socrates said to Plato : ‘It is perfectly certain that the soul is immortal and imperishable, and our souls will actually exist in another world’.

Thence the most important part of each day is waking, not simply opening our eyes to go rushing into the world? But spending a few minutes waking up every part of the body, learning from horse the importance of these body functions.

Horse colonised the world millions of years before mankind. We do not appreciate their tutoring of lifestyle on this earth. Happily living with each other from any country or region sharing the wealth of what they discover, especially that materialism is not high in value to the essential of health, happy, honourable humanity. The Exmoor Pony is today the likeness and lifestyle of the original horse because it has lived on the wild weather of Exmoor for millions of years without the need for housing nor the food provided by mankind.

The fascination and admiration of the Exmoor Pony took me to live on Exmoor in the 70’s to study. I acquired a small herd and planned to take my herd to their origins in North America to cross the Bering Straights to trek and follow their journey of the Northern migration route, colonising the lands of Russia – Europe, until they arrive in Exmoor Britain. This is all historically written in a book called The Speed Papers, obtainable from Exmoor Pony Society or my website. I studied the herd lifestyle and today I write down the secrets to long long life and the care of our bodies. In 1979 I found a sponsor Andrew Sykes Heating, to commence my journey. Sadly or happily for you and me, I had discovered the pleasures of running, the joys it brought to me, I decided I would share with everyone to enjoy the mass running, smiling and loving each other in a very natural way. I met with 2 Olympic Athletes Chris Brasher and John Disley, I previously was introduced to David Bowie and his infectious happiness inducing music and words.

So please do now follow my research and wisdom for a long long happy, healthy lifestyle.

Maybe? The learning can overcome the killer plagues of cancer and disease? We accept that there are many many different forms of life on this earth, all are intent on colonising the world. Humans, and animals are conduits for spreading disease and virus’s (which are life forms), greater scientific minds are involved in these searches. The most important are the neurological experts whom I believe will agree my writings.

Waking Exercise Before Leaving Bed

1) Stay in bed exercise - As you enter your day world, lie flat on your back and Wiggle your toes. At the same time finger massage your own head, forehead, eyes, cheeks and chin. By passing your fingers through your hair and scalp, you are using your natural oils which have exuded from your skin pores during the nights sleep. Use your finger tips in small circular movements around the skin of your face, particularly your forehead, eyes, cheeks and kneading your under chin jaw and neck. This is natural botoxing. We do have available a Herbal Massage juice which secretes into your skin.

2) Next follow exercises bringing each knee to your chest. See Charles Atlas bring each knee to your chest pull it hard with a Stretching exercise of the glands connecting your thigh muscle to your bottom and back, keep it tightly stretched, in a pulling rhythm, count slowly to 100. Now put your opposite hand on your knee, your same side hand on the bed to balance whilst you pull your knee as flat and as far to the opposite side as possible, now turn onto your side still pulling your knee as hard stretching as far as possible, your same side hand moves to your ankle and pulls the bent leg as hard as possible, stretch upwards again, count to 100 slowly. Now switch the similar exercise to the other leg. This is exercise to help back pain which a lot of us suffer.

3) Next session the importance of expanding your entire inner diaphragm (stomach and lungs) deep breathing between above exercises. Repeat 100 times, inhale, keep sucking into lungs and belly, place tight held fists onto belly, tense every muscle , sinew in your arms and shoulders, press fists together as hard as possible using every strength in each arm to push push push against each other, count 30-50 seconds of inhaling, push fists upwards as you exhale. Now whilst inhaling to achieve the yogic oriental stomach filling with breath to pass to your chest lungs to exhale, outstretch your arms, now your attempting to make every sinew and blood vessel to open and close a breathing movement, clench your hand open and close your fist slowly passing that open and close exercise up your wrist, forearms, upper arm bringing your fist bended arm to your shoulder to your chest in motion time to your stomach to lungs, a the same time wiggle your toes through your ankle, lower legs to thigh muscles and sinews to your stomach colon intestines and to join stomach breath to lungs. This is a uniquely oriental practice, makes perfect exercise which opens up every portal of your entire body.

4) Eyes exercise, flick your gaze rapidly from side to side, up and down with further finger massage, this is waking your brain blood flow to welcome the day. Now bring up each leg as straight and as stretched as possible, press the other leg downward so that you are putting maximum stretch to every muscle and sinew.

5) Mouse Magic massage Brush Now sit up on bedside take your brush in each hand left or right in turn. This is invigorating your flesh pores but rubbing these soft brushes on every part of your body, do it in a round movement where possible including your face, neck and chin. Your choice to length of time the brush magic massage, the more the better, when you realise that this is magic personal botoxing. I hope that the Government will provide the funds to give everyone in the over 70’s category a free brush. You also can repeat this magic massage bristle brush to flesh in the shower or preferably 2 brushes, one to get wet. You may be able to source these long handle brush for less than £2. Saving on all the expensive electric brush systems.

Shower Room Ten Minutes Exercise

Place your feet 2 foot apart, legs straight, hips still, need to extol your nightly secretion of indigestion burping :- punch your stomach with both fists, swing your fists to reverse punch your kidneys area at least 25 times. Now punch your stomach severely from each side to the centre then up to each lung. This is a minimum 2-3 minute exercise. Now with hands clasped behind your head to twist to each side, semi spin your torso, your elbows as a pendulum push movement. 2 full minutes each side or count to 100 each side (slowly, seconds). Now throw your left arm over your head, right arm stretching down below the knee slightly backwards, with your body firm on your split leg standing firm. Repeat to the opposite side, with two minute to each or 100 to each side.

Now deep breathing, sucking your stomach right into your chest with fists clenched tight like clutching your gold and pressing hard against each opposite fist with every muscle and sinew in your arms and shoulders tight and tensing, count 30-50 seconds inhaling whilst pushing fists harder, bring your fists up your body over your head, to exhale, as you reach down to touch your toes. You do need to stretch every muscle, push hard with arms stretched raising your arms high as possible, bend still stretched to touch toes, when you pull back up stretch upwards until you feel your rear back triceps fully exercised. This is a 4 minute discipline to repetitive rhythm. Count 100 full inner diaphragm inhale x 15 second sucks, more as you progress.

Now bring both arms over your head, push fists together with shoulders strength tightening, reach backwards, bending your torso to arch your back bone and push, push, push reaching downwards behind you.

This is a one minute exercise of 30 back pushes. Repeat all movements as desired. Now switch on the shower.

Shower Exercise Baldness prevention

In 1971 I discovered the necessary, my local news reporter(s) laughed, my marketing skills were zero so I reasoned that in 40 years time, with my glowing head of hair, compared to my bald father, my bald brother and my balding son, would bring the search to my door. Do not leave it until you have gone bald, prevention is far easier than implant cure.

The secret is massage. (Use a shower gel not face soap) So get 2 hands on top of your head, massage with finger tips, the scalp then to the forehead skin, toning with three forefingers, fingertips in small circular movement, massage to cheek bones and below the eyes, massage till it hurts, a good 2-4 minutes.

Shower Gels; obtain recommended gels which do not strip your natural oils but add a flexi solution to give your hair natural relax to style. I recommend my use of VO5 shampoo ‘revive me daily’ with 5 added oils.


Then let the shower rinse off. Repeat scalp and facial massage, now pummel the jaw, chin and neck flesh, to the action, this is a 3 minute exercise.

This is your own natural botox exercise. Baldness is created by the scalp head tightening of male stress. The skin tightening of the scalp starves the hair follicle which then dies. So read these instructions when you reach the age of manhood 30-35 years.

For Ladies

Your skin will be glowing better than any cream additional, your hair will be silky towel dried sleek