Welcome to the Tough Guy 2020 Virtual Race

With the postponement of Tough Guy 2020 amid the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to create the Tough Guy 2020 Virtual Race as a way for you to earn your Tough Guy 2020 Brass Medal and bring some fun and exercise to the current Lockdown.

What do you have to do to earn your brass?

A 5km Run plus pick one or several tasks from the old Tough Guy training techniques seen below or click camera box to download and adapt them to your situation. (Disclaimer do not attempt anything that could cause you serious harm). 


We must all adapt and come together to keep our world turning.

Upload your proof of run and task video to social media, tag Tough Guy®, post them on our wall & let the world see, or email them to us at hq@toughguy.co.uk!


It will be a £10.00 entry fee including the brass medal. Due to the shut down of Tough Guy® Offices, we will not be able to post the brass's until after the lockdown is over, but these will be posted as soon as the Government approves re-opening.


Additional £4 charge for overseas postage. 

Help us keep Tough Guy alive!